Watershed Implementation Plans

WIPs are developed to describe water quality problems and potential solutions to reduce and/or prevent NPS pollution and restore designated uses (such contact recreation and fish and wildlife propagation) in a watershed. United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) issued guidance to States in 2004 of nine (9) key elements of an acceptable WIP, which is required for utilization of incremental or project funds provided to states through Section 319(h) of the CWA. These nine (9) key elements include:

a.       Identify causes and sources of NPS pollution that will need to be controlled in the watershed to improve water quality and restore designated uses;

b.      Estimate load reductions expected from management measures (BMPs) implemented to reduce NPS pollutants identified in paragraph a;

c.       Describe NPS management measures (BMPs) necessary to achieve load reductions described in paragraph b;

d.      Estimate the amount of technical and financial assistance necessary to achieve management measure implementation in the watershed;

e.      Describe the type of educational-outreach activities necessary to reduce NPS pollution and improve water quality in the watershed;

f.        Include a schedule for implementing NPS management measures identified in the WIP;

g.       Describe interim, measurable milestones for determining effectiveness of the WIP in reducing NPS pollution and improving water quality;

h.      Include a set of criteria that can be utilized to determine whether NPS load reductions are being achieved and water quality is being restored (i.e. meeting water quality standards);

i.         Describe the monitoring program that will be utilized to evaluate progress in reducing NPS pollution and improving water quality.

The State of Louisiana has developed many WIPs to reduce NPS pollution and restore water quality, many of which are available here.
Basin NameSubsegment IDSubsegment nameDocument NameDocuments
BARATARIA020101Bayou Verret, Bayou Chevreuil, Bayou Citamon, and Grand BayouWatershed Implementation PlanPDF
BARATARIA020102Bayou Boeuf, Halpin Canal and Theriot CanalsWatershed Implementation PlanPDF
BARATARIA020103Lake BoeufWatershed Implementation PlanPDF
BARATARIA020401Bayou LafourcheWatershed Implementation PlanPDF
BARATARIA020701Bayou SegnetteWatershed Implementation PlanPDF
CALCASIEU030104Mill CreekWatershed Implementation PlanPDF
CALCASIEU030601Barnes CreekWatershed Implementation PlanPDF
CALCASIEU030602Barnes CreekWatershed Implementation PlanPDF
CALCASIEU030603Marsh BayouWatershed Implementation PlanPDF
CALCASIEU030701Bayou SerpentWatershed Implementation PlanPDF