Annual Reports

Section 319 (h)(11) of the Clean Water Act (CWA) requires States to submit an annual report to United State Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) on progress made in meeting the schedule of milestones included in the State’s Nonpoint Source (NPS) Management Plan. This NPS Annual Report also provides information on progress made in reducing NPS pollutants and improving water quality in navigable waters and watersheds identified in the State’s NPS Assessment Report and/or NPS Management Plan as impaired by NPS pollutants.  

Section 319 (m)(2) describes the types of information States should include in the NPS Annual Report, such as:

·         Types of programs and best management practices (BMPs) implemented to reduce NPS pollutants and improve water quality;

·         Experiences in adhering to schedules and implementing BMPs;

·         Describe the amount and purpose of grants awarded to implement programs and BMPs to reduce NPS pollutants and improve water quality;

·         Identify to the extent that information is available progress made in reducing NPS pollutants loads and improving water quality;

·         Identify additional actions necessary to achieve or maintain water quality standards and/or designated uses of waters in the State;

·         Recommendations on future programs (including enforcement) to reduce and control NPS pollutants and improve water quality;

·         Describe other federal programs and activities that are inconsistent with goals and objectives of the state’s NPS Management Plan and make recommendations on how these programs can become consistent with the NPS Plan and Section 319 of the CWA.

The State of Louisiana has complied with this section of the CWA and copies of NPS Annual Reports from the past two (2) federal fiscal years (FFYs) are available here.

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Annual Report 2011PDF
Annual Report 2012PDF
Annual Report 2013PDF